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Crafting Outdoor Dreams for Years

About America's Decks: We are a proudly Veteran-owned and family-operated specialty contracting company, where outdoor dreams become reality. With nearly two decades of expertise, we've cultivated a team of dedicated professionals committed to delivering the finest outdoor living spaces across the greater Cincinnati and tri-state area.

Our Expertise

Specializing in crafting exquisite decks of every type and style, we're not just builders but creators of backyard sanctuaries. If you can envision it in your backyard, we have the skills to bring it to life.

Building Relationships

The meaningful relationships we forge with customers, vendors, suppliers, and the community are at the core of our success. Upholding principles of honor, integrity, courage, and commitment, we prioritize communication. Expect us to answer the phone, promptly return calls, and always arrive on time. Your project is our focus, and you'll always feel supported.

A Family Legacy

Our journey began nearly two decades ago, evolving into a lifestyle for our family. We take pride in providing summer work opportunities for our young family members, with some growing into integral roles as young adults. Working for America's Decks is more than a job; it's a source of familial pride.

Versatility Across Regions

While our roots are in the tri-state area, our reach extends far and wide. We've provided deck-building services in Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, and Colorado. No project is too small, large, or distant for us to transform into a stunning outdoor living space.

Commitment to Quality

At America's Decks, we firmly believe in the adage that you get what you pay for. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our ability to offer solutions for any budget without compromising on the beauty and durability of our decks. Your outdoor space, tailored to your vision, is our promise.

Get in Touch

Let America's Decks be the architect of your outdoor oasis, where quality craftsmanship meets heartfelt dedication. Contact now.